PHMHydro project kickoff

PHMHydro project was kickstarted on 3rd November, 2022. The meeting was held at Agder Energi’s Rykene power plant.

Visit to Rykene power plant. Project members from UiA, NORCE, Å Energi, and Volue IoT (picture taken by Surya Kandukuri (NORCE/UiA)

PHMHydro site visit for instrumentation planning

Team from UiA, NORCE and Volue IoT visited Å Energi’s Rykene plant for evaluating sensor types, locations and installation planning on 21 December 2023.

Test data collection Surya Kandukuri (NORCE/UiA), Nils Lofstad (Volue IoT) . (Picture taken by Rune Schlanbusch (NORCE))

Team meeting at Rykene, Right to left, Rune Schlanbusch (NORCE), Sven Greibrokk (Å Energi), Grunde Olimstad (Å Energi), Nils Lofstad (Volue IoT), and Surya Kandukuri (NORCE/UiA). (Picture taken by Kjell G. Robbersmyr (UiA)).